Bestseller No. 1
Blue Magic 12A TR-3 Resin Glaze - 16 fl. oz.
  • Resin glaze wax, 1 step cleaner & polish restores oxidized vehicles like a paint job in a can, cleans shines & protects
  • Adds Extra shine to your product
  • Manufactured in China
  • Restores old, faded and oxidized finishes
  • Easy one step application
Bestseller No. 3
Bestseller No. 4
Oxide Reducing Emulsion to Restore Faded, Oxidized or Sun Damaged Car Paint, Peeling Clear Coat and Dull Headlights in a Simple DIY Operation. Easier to apply than wax, needs no polishing
69 Reviews
Oxide Reducing Emulsion to Restore Faded, Oxidized or Sun Damaged Car Paint, Peeling Clear Coat and Dull Headlights in a Simple DIY Operation. Easier to apply than wax, needs no polishing
  • ·         Restore faded car paint in an easy DIY operation and convert ugly white oxidation areas to the underlying paint color
  • ·         Rejuvenate oxidized and peeling clear coat and restore shine to exterior trim and plastics
  • ·         Restore headlight brilliance in seconds and no hard rubbing or sanding required
  • ·         Guarantee that if not satisfied with results simply return unused portion of bottle for full refund
  • ·         Nearly one million views on uTube ·       ·
SaleBestseller No. 5
Stoner Car Care 91154 Tarminator Bug, Tar, Sap & Grease Remover, 10-Ounce
  • QUICKLY REMOVE TAR, SAP, & MORE: Stoner Car Care’s Tarminator 91154 goes to work quickly to remove tar, grease, bugs, sap, and asphalt. The MicroActive cleaning technology breaks down tough grime quickly for easy removal.
  • SAFE FOR CLEARCOATS: Unlike most harsh chemical cleaners, Tarminator is easy on paint and safe to use on clear coats. The powerful cleaning action of this effective bug and tar remover is gentle on surfaces.
  • USE SAFELY ON PAINT AND CHROME: For car owners with chrome bumpers, finding a powerful bug, tar, and sap remover that will not dull the chrome finish is tricky. Tarminator is made to use on both chrome and paint without causing damage.
  • FAST-ACTING GREASE REMOVER: When time is precious, Tarminator by Stoner Car Care doesn’t delay. This safe bug and tar remover works incredibly fast. It takes less than 30 seconds to effectively remove tar, sap, and grease.
  • MADE IN THE USA: We formulate, manufacture, and distribute our own products in the USA, unlike major competitors. We take pride in using superior ingredients to provide our customers with exceptional car care products.
Bestseller No. 6
CarGuys Plastic Restorer - The Ultimate Solution for Bringing Rubber, Vinyl and Plastic Back to Life! - 8 oz Kit
  • – RESULTS THAT LAST! – Are you tired of wasting time and money on plastic restorers that claim to last long? They always look great in the beginning... only to fade after a few days, or maybe a month if it’s decent! Our product will renew, seal and protect any interior or exterior surface and WILL LAST.. for several MONTHS!! How do we do it?! Our product contains a newly PATENTED additive that boosts longevity! Stop purchasing cheap junk with false claims, our product will out last all of them!
  • – SURVIVES RAIN! – Does this sound familiar? You spent all that time perfectly applying a new product and it looks great! Wow, you finally found the one! BUT… after the first rain-fall you look in disgust at yet another crappy product that left ugly streaks down the side of your beautiful vehicle... STOP THE MADNESS! Our product repels water and stays looking good for several months! Never again will you feel that disappointment!
  • – NO MORE OILY MESS! – Do you hate all the oily, greasy gel dressing products that stay wet and never fully dry? That describes about 90% of the plastic and trim restorers on the market today! Well lucky you! We made a product that will restore and leave a great finish, but more importantly, it will completely dry to the touch! No more ruining your detailing towels and supplies with cheap oil based products!
  • – NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS! – Buyer beware! Some of the most popular plastic restorers on the market contain harmful silicon and petroleum distillates! These products will make your plastic and rubber look good short-term, but what most people don’t know is that they dry, brown, crack and cause extreme damage over long-term use! Our product was formulated using the latest advancements in nano-science! It is environmentally friendly and completely safe to use!
  • – WHAT IF I’M NOT HAPPY? – We believe that this stuff is the ABSOLUTE BEST for restoring any type of Plastic, Vinyl or Rubber... ON THE MARKET!! If you don't agree, there's no fine printing to read and no gimmicks here! Get in contact with us ANYTIME after your purchase and we will provide a FULL REFUND! So what are you waiting for?! CLICK 'Add to Cart' NOW, 100% RISK FREE!
SaleBestseller No. 7
Novus 7100 Plastic Polish Kit - 8 Ounce
  • The NOVUS Polish Kit is perfect for protecting, cleaning, polishing and restoring plastic protective shields. Our NOVUS Kit provides solutions from the protection stage to restoration. Keep your protective shields like new by using the NOVUS Polishes
SaleBestseller No. 8
Performix 11203 Plasti Dip Black Multi-Purpose Rubber Coating Aerosol - 11 oz.
  • Protects coated items against moisture, acids and corrosion
  • Provides a non-slip, comfortable and controlled grip
  • Remains flexible, stretchy and will not crack or become brittle in extreme weather conditions
  • Provides protection against electrical shock, vibration, heat and deadens sound
  • Easy to remove from most surfaces when ready to return to original surface
Bestseller No. 9
Meguiar's Clear Coat Safe Polishing Compound 16 oz.
  • SWIRL AND SCRATCH REMOVER: Safely and quickly removes light swirls and scratches, hazing, and other light below-surface defects
  • POLISHING COMPOUND: Polishing oils restore brilliance and a rich, glossy shine to dull paint finishes
  • CLEAN BEFORE WAX: Produces a clean surface while boosting gloss and shine before applying wax
  • CLEAR COAT SAFE: Safe and effective on all glossy paints and clear coats (not for use on flat, matte or satin finishes)
  • NO MACHINE NEEDED: Formulated to be applied by hand only
SaleBestseller No. 10
CarGuys Hybrid Wax Sealant - Most Advanced Top Coat Polish and Sealer on the Market - Infused with Liquid Carnauba for a Deep Hydrophobic Shine on All Types of Surfaces - 18 Ounce Kit
  • ✅ MADE WITH ADVANCED SCIENCE! – Are you tired of using products that look great, but don’t last? You won’t experience that here! This magic in a bottle produces a deep shine, slick surface and longer lasting protection than anything on the market! Stop using inferior sealants, topcoat carnuba waxes and polishes made with old science and technology! This will out last and out shine them all!
  • ✅ STREAK FREE AND SAFE FOR EVERY SURFACE! – Ever spend hours waxing and detailing your car motorcycle truck or rv? You feel so relieved to be at the final step ...buffing the wax off! You grab that towel to finish the job, but look in horror to see you turned your rubber and plastic white!! Never experience that again! This formula is safe to apply onto EVERY SURFACE without worrying about white residue or streaks!
  • ✅ BRILLIANT SHOW CAR SHINE! – Most products nowadays will make your cars look pretty good.. Our newly developed synthetic detail spray gives instant head turning results! Works at the molecular nano level to bring the gloss and reflections up another notch!!! Finally, a quick detailer to get that ultimate show room shine that will make all the neighbors jealous!!
  • ✅ FINISH YOUR VEHICLE IN 15 MINUTES! – See why all our customers rave at how simple it is to use! This will be the quickest and easiest polishing job that you will ever do! Simply spray on, and wipe off; no professional guys needed! Easy to apply and super fast to use compared to all others on the market!! Even pro detailers are amazed at the results they're getting!
  • ✅ WHAT IF I’M NOT HAPPY? – We believe that this is the ABSOLUTE BEST automotive seal coating on the market!! If you don't agree, there's no fine printing to read and no gimmicks here! Get in contact with us ANYTIME after your purchase and we will provide a FULL REFUND! So, what are you waiting for?! CLICK 'Add to Cart' NOW, 100% RISK FREE!


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Traditional cooking: uniform temperature.
Grill: so it is crispy.
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