Bestseller No. 1
The Letter - Best Scary Horror Visual Novel Game
  • Non-chronological storytelling with seven chapters, spanning over 700,000 words. Expect a lot of reading!
  • Romance, friendship and drama; apart from horror, this game puts heavy emphasis on relationships and character development.
  • Seven playable characters with varying personality and approach to difficult situations.
  • Countless butterfly effects; your choices heavily affect the story.
  • Full English Voice Acting.
SaleBestseller No. 2
YU-NO: A girl who chants love at the bound of this world. Day One Edition - PlayStation 4
  • During his vacation from Sakaimachi Academy, Takuya Arima receives a package from his supposedly deceased father. It contains the mysterious Reflector Device which allows the user to travel between parallel worlds.
  • With help from his friends, teachers, and lovers, Takuya must unearth the mystery of his father's legacy to prevent a calamity threatening to envelop reality itself.
  • Explore multiple timelines and revisit events through the unique gaming mechanic of the Reflector Device. This allows you to explore every timeline in detail. Activate the Reflector Device’s Auto Divergence Map System to return to an event with more knowledge and new items.
  • Can you find the hidden world waiting beyond Sakaimachi? Fall in love with every character to reach the true ending to this 40+ hour visual novel.
  • Day 1 Edition includes a PlayStation 4 EXCLUSIVE mini cloth poster featuring Eriko Takeda, the mysterious school nurse at Sakaimachi Academy!
SaleBestseller No. 3
Our World is Ended Day 1 Edition
36 Reviews
Our World is Ended Day 1 Edition
  • Set in real-world Asakusa in Tokyo, indie game developers 'Judgement 7” AR tech goes awry, spilling into and affecting the real world.
  • Directed by acclaimed Noki Morita- the author and planner of the excellent Sakura Wars.
  • Stunning character and background art from Eirl Shirai and Cre-P for a uniquely dreamy style.
  • A deadbeat, misfit cast of geeks and weirdos round off a truly memorable ensemble.
Bestseller No. 5
Our World Is Ended. [Day One Edition] (Nintendo Switch)
  • A new masterpiece of narrative visual storytelling
  • A story with catastrophic consequences - Is it a computer game glitch? Or something more sinister?
  • Explore a faithful recreation of the iconic Tokyo Asakusa district
  • Stunning Visuals and Gorgeous GGs with a distinct and vibrant style
  • Unique interactive element - the "S.O.S System"
SaleBestseller No. 6
Punchline - PlayStation 4
22 Reviews
Punchline - PlayStation 4
  • Be a friendly Ghost - haunt a house Full of girls while you solve puzzles, play tricks and cause trouble
  • Level-up your powers! - learn to master your poltergeist abilities as you progress - from moving objects to full-body possession!
  • An immersive adventure - visual novel elements Mixed with 3D environments and point-and-click aspects
  • Get uber - hang out with Super heroes such as strange juice and discover your own strength!
  • LIVE the anime - based on the critically-acclaimed anime - with a completely different ending!
Bestseller No. 7
Alice in Stardom- Free Idol Visual Novel
1 Reviews
Alice in Stardom- Free Idol Visual Novel
  • 40,000+ words
  • 3 girls to spend time with
  • Concert minigames
  • Beautiful guest art cut scenes
  • Completely free!
Bestseller No. 8
Chaos;Child - PlayStation 4
17 Reviews
Chaos;Child - PlayStation 4
  • Discover A Darker Japan - Explore Shibuya in 2015, after an earthquake nearly levelled the city six years prior, and try to outsmart the puppet-master behind this New Generation Madness
  • Track Down A Serial Killer - Play as Takuru, an arrogant senior and the newspaper club president, and discover the pattern in a series of bizarre deaths around you that the police can't seem to crack
  • Unravel The Mystery - Investigate gruesome, supernatural murders with a team of uniquely talented friends
  • Pick Your Delusions - Choose to explore disturbing nightmares or pleasurable daydreams to affect the different realities that Takuru perceives, and change your story
  • From The Creators Of Steins; Gate - A stand-alone story with a brand new cast, extensive replay ability and ties to the Steins; Gate universe!
Bestseller No. 9
  • Day One Edition - Enjoy a Europe-exclusive art book and beautiful limited edition box!
  • Discover a new visual novel mystery story mixing romance with murder and the living dead!
  • Excellent production values - Gorgeous artwork and characters, backgrounds with moving details!
  • Exquisite art from Yuki Kato - The lead artist from the famous BLAZBLUE franchise
  • Take the lead - Play as a male protagonist with a murky past
Bestseller No. 10
Beating together -Visual novel
  • Visual Novel
  • Novel
  • Anime
  • Manga
  • decisions

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